Why Derby?


images-4We asked our skaters a very important questions…Why Derby?  

  • What attracted you to the sport of Roller Derby?
  • Why do you do it?
  • What do you love about it?

Whether you are new or a seasoned veteran the answers are inspiring.

In their own words….

Shamaeya Jeffrey aka Sham Wow: I love the community which where we are all connected, the team is not a team but a family.  We help each other out and try our best not for ourselves but our teammates.  Roller derby has changed my life by helping me understand who I am and bringing me out of the low places in my life.

Kim Ludwig Spence aka Vesta: Derby was brought to me by friends and it looked like lots of fun but took a few years to actually join. Once I did it has been really rewarding for my health and it is lots of fun.

Luna Sylvestre aka Lunatic: I had a friend who I went to school with, she was in derby and I never really understood what it was! Then I talked to my parents and they looked into it. I joined with a close friend and we loved it! I have been playing for 4 years and my love for the sport will never fade! I do derby cause it makes me feel powerful and happy! Everyone on the team is so supportive and loving towards everyone! You can always be your self around the girls cause no one judges!

Ice Pax had a hard time finding her fit! She tried a bunch of different sports but she just never found one she really loved. She enjoys being on a team, the derby culture, and the inclusion. It’s the only sport she has ever really been excited about! She’s excited to be back year 2.

Punk Princess –  I found the sport when someone handed me a brochure at and invited me to come out and try it out. I thought it would be really cool to check it out, so my family rented a movie with Drew Barrymore, (Whip It – 2009) and I thought it would be really cool to try. After my first practices I fell in love with the sport. I have only played for a year but I love how the sport test my ability, and helps me to be better. I love the speed and scoring points. I can hardly wait to to “awesome all over the track” again. Come and check it out. Best sport ever!!

Danielle Ferguson aka Coach Clumzy: I joined derby nearly 7 years ago to get back on track with my health and fitness and the world that I discovered was by far the biggest reward. The roller derby community is one of inclusiveness, encouragement and support. It changed me in the best way and helped me grow as person. I am more confident and out going that I have ever been and look forward to many more years in it. I plan to be on skates until I physically can’t do it anymore, and even then I’ll be on the sidelines coaching and supporting the community.


Why Should the adults have all the fun??

socks Ahhh….the age old question,

“Why should the adults have all the fun?”

The answer is they shouldn’t and that is why we have Junior Roller Derby. Youth can be empowered and fabulous and have all the fun that the adults are having!

If you have been thinking about getting involved in roller derby, think no more because the answer is clear. It is a competitive sport, great exercise and loads of fun!!


Take a look as Haleylujah narrates for our league and tells you all the reasons you should come play with us!


We ROCK therefore We ROLL