Try Derby True Colors

The physical benefits of Roller Skating are apparent for youth and body image. Youth in sport, especially Roller Derby have an uncharacteristic relationship with their bodies where they put a great deal of significance in what their body can do for them and how it can convey their own personal goals of physical excellence. The nature of the Roller Derby community provides less blatant benefits as everyone who plays a role from skater, coach, admins and officials are unpaid volunteers who work for the sheer joy of promoting the growth of the sport they are passionate about. If you have heard that Roller Derby is a little different from other youth sports you are correct. The involvement with a group that shares the same love, passion and dedication changes the way you feel about and interact with others as well as yourself. Our mission is to empower youth, building their confidence so they can embrace their individualism in a fun, safe and respectful environment where skaters of all abilities can learn the sport of flat track roller derby.

NOW IS THE TIME to be a part of the fastest (and coolest) sport on 8 wheels. You have been asking and we delivered….TRY DERBY with GEJRDA. If you are all set to join and/or cannot join us this day you can register below. First practice for new skaters will be Tuesday January 14 6-7 pm at The Grindhouse 14420 112 St. Please direct inquiries to

Comedy Night

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