2017 Wild Rose ALL STARS Travel Team


Our 2015/16  Wild Rose All Stars – Coed Team

Wildrose All Stars

Our 2015/16  Wild Rose All Stars – Female Team


In addition to our House Teams we are very lucky to have the Wild Rose All Star Travel Team. The All Stars travel internationally representing their league and Canadian Junior Roller Derby!




007 – James Blond
24 – Lemon
25 – Xain Hathaway


33 – Sniper Girl
45 – Rediculous
77 – DON-anator
89 – Emsky Hammer
114 – Thunder Pain
199 – Miss Behavin


****** More pictures to be coming soon *******


The All Star Team skaters take on an additional financial burden and will be holding lots of Fundraisers. Please check back frequently for updates. We very much appreciate your support and welcome Sponsors and or donations.



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